Jersey Bracket (Valkyrie Shifter Support)


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Valkyrie Transmission Shift Lever Support Add-on. Makes shifting SMOOTH and PRECISE. No more Sloppiness. No more leaking oil seal. No more HARD Shifting.

The shifting setup is probably one of the few design shortfalls of the Valkyrie. To fix it requires a SOLID second support for the pivoting of the internal spindle (24620-MN5-000)... a support that provides PRECISE and PERMANENT pivoting and won't slip over time.

In developing this solution, we tested a number of designs, including those attempting to clamp around the extension arm (24711-MN5-000). Unfortunately these proved weak over time for the type of forces being applied. Setscrews and clamping were just NOT STRONG ENOUGH to match what we all know and appreciate about the Valkyrie - DURABILILTY!

The Jersey Bracket was designed and built with the same approach as today's aircraft. Using aerospace grade material and design techniques, the Jersey Bracket will never need lubricating or maintenance and Will NEVER SLIP or weaken. This means - Install it ONCE and forget about it. Laser cut from Shiney 304 Stainless Steel, the Jersey Bracket will never rust and almost always outshines even the best Chrome. And unlike Chrome, the Jersey Bracket will never pit.

CHECK IT OUT IN ACTION ON YouTube! (Click on "SUPPORT" for YouTube Video Link or paste in your browser "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS00ngInIng&feature=youtu.be"

Installation Manual (Click on "SUPPORT" to Download)

IMPORTANT: During Checkout please include your PHONE NUMBER in the "Notes" section. This will help expedite shipping if there are any issues. For International Orders, many Customs require this.

Sold Worldwide and added to all types of rides, from daily commuters to SHOW Bikes - The Jersey Bracket does the job - Guaranteed!

“Installed the bracket and I'm impressed. Straightforward instructions, easy to do mod. The whole job was finished in under 30 Minutes. Looks great and works even better! Thanks, Jersey!” Mike H. April 10, 2019

"Your idea for a support outboard just made sense, but I had no idea just how much better shifting would be. Every shift, up or down, is positive and smooth. This thing should be considered almost a mandatory add-on.” ~ Edward S. July 10, 2019

“Very fast and easy [to install]… I’ll bet the oil seal never wears out now. Thanks Jersey. Chris J. January 25, 2019“

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